Friday, September 11, 2009

day three and four in vancouver

Today is Friday and it's our last full day here in Vancouver. The sun is full out shining and Mike and I should be out and about enjoying what this city has to offer. I will be the first to tell you, I am not a nature type girl (unless you put me in a beach setting). I don't like to hike, walk or explore. I once was in touch with nature when I was a kid living in Whitehorse but now I am more of a city or beach girl. Anyway, today would have been nice to go to Stanley Park or Grouse Mountain but this tail end of our trip has us staying in Burnaby and after being downtown for four days with nothing but rain, we aren't really in the mood to trek back down there. This trip has been quite a confusing one with many surprises that have thrown our plans off. Well, who are we kidding, we didn't really have any set plans...

DAY THREE (Tuesday):
  • Started our day off at Holt Renfrew so I could buy this Cle de Peau lipstick I was eyeing but I didn't end up buying it because I didn't feel like spending $60 for lipstick
  • Mike and I walked over to Robson and went to some stores but then found Cupcakes by Heather & Lori so I picked up some cupcakes to eat and to take home.
  • Since it was sunny, we walked over to Canada Place with intentions to walk around and watch an IMAX movie but we hopped on a Big Bus and went over to Granville Island.
  • At Granville Island, we walked around the market and I finally got to buy the donuts I saw the day before (we got 6 - honey, sugared, chocolate bavarian, mango madness, coconut cream and peanut). We checked out some of the artist's shops and was really tempted to buy some art work.
  • We continued to ride the Big Bus and passed English Bay, Denman Street, Stanley Park, etc. We tried to go eat somewhere on Denman but most restaurants were closed for lunch. Mike and I settled for Mr. Kumpir. It's a baked potato place where you can pick 3 toppings to put on the potato. I think it's a great concept but they just don't have the greatest toppings.
  • For dinner we went to Guu. Drinks were delicious. I love the Jump concept (iced flavoured balls in your drink). The food was pretty good until we got to the Salmon and Seven friends (the 7 friends are - garlic chips, pickled onions and cucumber and a couple of other things with a fresh raw chicken egg - you wrap this mixture in nori and eat). This was over the top, different, interesting and was actually pretty sick looking. Let's not talk about it anymore.
  • Stuffed and feeling a bit weird from eating a raw egg, we went back to the hotel and watched 90210 and Melrose Place. I think we crashed because I don't remember anything that happened in the two shows.
DAY FOUR (Wednesday):
  • Rain, Rain and more rain. It seems like it was night time in the morning. What a gloomy day. We were suppose to go back to the Big Bus to explore more of the city but it was so crappy outside.
  • I got late check out until 5 pm and I am glad we did because Mike was sick from the night before and slept all day.
  • We went out for dinner at Chambar with Cristina, Marty and Eileen. It was nice to be with other people. It was Marty's birthday so I am glad that he wanted to spend his birthday with us. We were full again. Eating way too much on this trip.
  • Back to Hotel Pernia. I loved St. Regis Hotel but change of scenery is good. Cristina has such a cute place.
I will blog about day four and five when I get back home. It won't be anything exciting because Mike and I are just lounging around. I know that we should be out and about but we are not really digging a commute downtown when were there for four days straight. Mike is looking really forward to today's festivites - a tour of the EA Sports Campus.

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