Friday, September 25, 2009

my thoughts on my fall TV line up

Now that all the season premieres of my FALL TV LINE UP have aired, I want to share my thoughts about each show.

One Tree Hill
Last season, the relationship of Lucas and Peyton annoyed me. It annoyed me so much that I wanted to stop watching. The start of Season 7 with new faces was like a breath of fresh air for me. The addition of Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) - both yum! - makes the show very interesting. They have past that we want to know about, actually, I just want to know more about them in general. My WTF moment...Dan and Rachel are married. I seriously need to know more about this. The writers of the show have kept it interesting with the new characters and twists, it makes us not really care that Lucas and Peyton are off the show. To be honest, they were just too emo for me. I need drama and action!!! I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. Thank goodness the CW picked up all 22 episodes.

Gossip Girl
Let me first say that I love Carter Bazien. I am glad that they brought him back this season and I hope he becomes a regular. His relationship with Serena is quite interesting because we don't really know what happened while they were away in Europe, like details on how they hooked up because last season, they left us with Carter trying to help Serena find her dad. They touched upon it in the first two episodes but I want more! I have avoided any gossip or rumours about what is going to happen this season. I have already read all the books so I like to keep some element of surprise when it comes to the TV show. One thing I am dying to see - Hilary Duff, who I believe will be making her appearance in the episode 6.

I was disappointed when I found out that Ethan would not be returning for season 2 but was quite happy when I realized that Liam would be a regular. He is the bad guy that has those underlying good qualities - every girl's dream guy. For this season though, it's wearing pretty thin for me. Naomi and her sister, Jen are so obnoxious, it's annoying. Annie is too emo for me. I know that she has been through a lot but it's tiring watching her mope around. Dixon just bothers me. Silver is psycho. Adriana is so hot now. Navid, you just feel sorry for him. Poor guy wants to lose his virginity and his ex-slut of a GF won't give him any. And then there is Teddy. He looks so plastic. Like a Ken doll. He annoys me too. Annie and Dixon's parents annoy me. I think everyone on this show annoys me except for Liam. If I have to get rid of one TV show in my lineup, this may be this one.

Melrose Place
This is probably my new favorite drama show this fall. I did watch the original MP but wasn't a loyal follower. The storylines of each character has got me hooked and they all interwine somehow. The pilot had so much going on to keep your attention span and to make you want more. I love all the guys on the show - Auggie, Jonah and David. I think Lauren and Ella are so pretty. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is doing well playing her crazy character, Violet. I wonder if her being so naive is all an act? I love how they are bringing back old characters on the show. I can't wait for episode 4 when Jane comes back as the new landlord. What can I say, I LOVE, LOVE this show!

The Hills
This Tuesday...The bitch is back...and thank goodness that Brody will still be around.

The City
Again, this Tuesday. I hope for an Alex-Whitney reunion

The Beautiful Life: TBL
Not quite sure how I feel about this show after seeing only one episode. I miss this week's so I won't say much except...I really don't understand this show because the models are not hot at all. I think they needed to cast more "beautiful" people. I like Mischa's character though (great comeback) and Cole is kinda cute.

I had no idea what the hype was about this show until I actually watched the first two episode. There was a huge buzz about it with my Twitter friends and now I am hooked. Comedy and singing all in one, who could ask for anything more.

Survivor: Samoa
After 18 seasons, I am still obsessed with this reality show. There is definitely eye candy in this one (both guys and girls) and I think it will be an season filled with lying and deceit (esp with that Russell guy). They started off with a good test of leadership and maybe they will add different twists this time around. Samoa is beautiful, and you know me, I love beaches.

Vampire Diaries
Everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Twilight. It made me fall in love with the whole vampire culture only because vampires are nice/lovable in Stephenie Meyers' eyes. True Blood is too hardcore and gory for me so as Mike puts it, Vampire Diaries is a good median. I will tell you though, I do have moments when Damon scares me. I mentioned in a previous post that I was enjoying the show because it is so much better than the book and also, the show has a killer soundtrack. As long as Mike continues to watch the show with me, I will keep on watching (and I will read the next two books of the series so I can compare). Originally I thought that they did a bad casting job for Stefan but he is growing on me.

Grey's Anatomy
WOW...O'Malley is really gone. The season opener was quite long and it dragged but I liked the concept of the 40 day thing. It showed that when you lose someone close to you, time can pass and you may not fully grieve right away. Although George didn't have a storyline last season, it will be strange to not have him around. I love Lexie and Sloan together. I hope this season they focus more on them! The Mercy West/Seattle Grace merge will be interesting.

This post seriously took me forever to write and at one point, I wanted to give up and stop writing about all the shows I am watching. There is way too many. I think it's time to buy a PVR.


sweetmarie said...

OMG....Carter Bazien is hawt. I googled him after the first episode. I want him to be on the show regularly!!

leesh said...

sweetmre: If you like Carter Bazien, Nate Archibald and Tim Riggins (from FNL), you need to watch the movie, The Covenant. But knowing you, you probably have already since it.