Friday, September 18, 2009


I should have written post two days ago and posted it when it was her birthday. Anyway, I just came back from Vancouver and got to spend time with Cristina Pernia. I don't know how it happened but these days, I call her "Pernia", not to her face but when I mention her in conversation. I have too many friends named Christine, Kristine, Christina, Cristina...that I have call them by their last name.

Pernia and I go way back...back to OQC and partying days in Toronto. I met her through Maureen and her crew. But I would like to think now that I have developed my own friendship with her because we happen to have a couple of things in common - like our love for: boy bands (we left work early one day to stalk a certain band whose name will not be mentioned), teenybopper TV shows (90210, MP, GG, OTH and more recent Glee), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Boys and Girls, Down to You, Summer Catch, Head Over Heels, She's All That) and music (I love her playlists).

After spending some time with her in her hometown (without the friends who introduced us), I got to know her on a more personal level. She is so cool and down to earth. She tells it like it is and feels no ways to put you in your place or call you out when you are being silly. I am glad that I got this opportunity to re-visit the friendship I once had with her back in the day when we were the Queen and Princess of Pop Culture. Oh wait, we still are!

To finish off this post, this playlist is for Pernia. It's some songs that I think she would like. It's not the usual songs that I would listen to but I have grown to love them.

Songs for Pernia

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cristina said...

aw leesh...a post for me! i'm honored, and the feeling is completely mutual! thank you for the playlist, i'm playing it right now and will give you the analysis when done (cuz that's what i do...analyse songs, lol).