Friday, September 11, 2009

vampire diaries tv series

I missed the series premiere last night for Vampire Diaries. It's not a show that people want to watch this fall. Who really needs another vampire tv show/movie? But I read the book that this television show is based on. The book was a slow read for me but as always, any book that I have read that turns into a tv show or movie, I must watch to compare.

The characters from the book are pretty much the same except for one that sticks out so far. Elena doesn't have a baby sister, Margaret, instead, she has a younger brother, Jeremy. I like it better this way. Another change is that instead of Stefan living in an old house with an old lady, he lives with his uncle in the Salvatore house. But in reality, Stefan is really the uncle since he is a vampire and will forever be A teenager. I also like this change.

The first episode was okay. Not as bad as I thought it would be. One thing that kept my interest was the soundtrack. Some songs that were played, Running up That Hill by Placebo, Say (All I Need) by One Republic, and Kids by MGMT. I will continue to watch the show online on the weekends (as it will start next week to conflict with Survivor) until I can't stand it anymore. I really just want to see how the storyline plays out and what songs will be played in each episode.

I must say, CW is putting out a great fall line up this year!

P.S. - I just read that the CW will have encores of Vampire Diaries and Melrose Place on Friday evenings. BONUS!

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deesolsarmi said...

i just read this one entirely . i saw it before but read it now and noticed ours sounds the same. LOL i saw 90210 last night! LOVED IT!!!