Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another random list

**NOTE: I originally started to write this post in December 29, 2008. I'm not going to update or change it. I obviously did not get to finish it but I'll post it now**

You know me and my love for lists...

This list was from Pete Wentz's blog. I decided to do my own version.

5 things
Muskoka Fudge
Excel gum in Sweet Mint
Little Big Planet
gunmetal nail polish

5 moments
Opening of Twilight (the movie)
Britney's comeback
NKOTB concert

5 people
Robert Pattinson

5 music
Lil Wayne
Lady Gaga
Day 26
Kings of Leon
Leona Lewis

5 movies
Mamma Mia
Sex and the City
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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