Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beauty / Fashion / Halloween / NJ

It's crazy how the weekends fly by these days.  I seriously dislike it. Remember when you were in school and time would slow crawl by? I know back then, I wanted time to go by quickly. If I could take it back, I would. Life is just flying by. Most of our weekends are busy.  Just this last weekend, we had to visit the parents (both sides) and then attend a baptism on Sunday. Let me tell you at the baptism, there was a crazy amount of kids there. I got to see my 5th godson get baptism and his smiley face all throughout the ceremony.

Later that night was BlushPretty's Beauty Board. For those who didn't sign up even though I may have sent you an email about it months ago, you missed out. The gift bag was filled with so many products.  There was makeup demos, Canadian beauty companies selling their products, giveaways, product testing, food and best of all, SANGRIA!  It was a night to hang out with the girls and talk about what we love most, beauty!!!  There will be another Beauty Board in the near future so sign up early to avoid disappointment. Check out BlushPretty's website for more details.  Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the next one!

Yesterday, Marah asked me to watch The September Issue with her at Varsity Theatre.  What a nice theatre. It's so clean and doesn't have any of the riff-raff (loud kids). The movie is a documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue's September issue (biggest issue of the year). It started off very interesting but then dragged. I guess Marah and I were looking for more excitement about what goes on at Vogue. We are both die-hard fans for The Rachel Zoe Project so I guess we were expecting Vogue to be fun and upbeat. The movie portrays it to be very serious and almost sad and depressing. The one thing I loved was how they decide what pages go where. They have this huge board and put up mini versions of the photo shoot spreads on magnets. I love it. I would suggest that you wait for this movie to come out on DVD.  This movie would have actually been better as a documentary shown on A & E.  One last thing I have to say, Meryl Streep portrayed her to a tee in The Devil Wears Prada!!!

To go with my theme of today's post of busy weekends, this weekend will be filled with Halloween parties. We have an adult party to go to at Reinard & Marlon's place on Saturday and then on Sunday, we have Marques' (my lil boyfriend) one year birthday/Halloween party.  Mike and I actually have two different costumes to wear this year since we can't wear our adult costume to the kids party. Stay tuned for pictures...

Next weekend, the Solon Massive is going to New Jersey to attend their cousin's wedding. It should be interesting. I know my younger brother-in-law is going to love being in a car with me for 8 hours straight.  He doesn't know what's in store for him.  I think I should make little snack packs for all of us. Skor bars for Jay, healthy snacks like soy nuts for Steph, popcorn for Jon, chips for Mike and jelly beans for Charm.  I think we may even go outlet shopping which means...NEW BAG!!!

I have a feeling all weekends leading up to the holiday season are going to be busy.  So I will be very thankful when I get that week off between Christmas and New Years.

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deesolsarmi said...

oh how i WISH i was in that van with you guys!!!! but as usual duty calls! lol
SOLON massive brrrrrrrrrap!
and 5th godson? WTF blake better not be irrelevant! LOL