Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Fantasy

 NOTE: I started to type out this post in April 16, 2009. Andrew Wong (one of my brother's friends) found the You Tube clip of Final Fantasy covering a Fantasy by Mariah Carey. Gino would always talk about this guy covering the song with his violin and how he saw him do this in Montreal.

After Gino showed me this clip, he also non-stop played this song in his car and I became addicted to it.  Whenever I hear this song on my playlist, it reminds me of Gino and how he could seriously influence me to listen to music that I would not normally listen to. Here is Final Fantasy - This is the Dream of Win and Regine.

While I was typing this, I was playing the You Tube clip and Mike yells out from the living room, "Hey, isn't that the song that Gino use to play". It's funny how you can be reminded of a person because of a song.

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