Friday, October 2, 2009

more of my thoughts on my fall line up


Dear Kristin,

OMG, you are so annoying. Dude, I can't believe that you have such a potty mouth. It is not very lady like to be running your mouth like that. Only scum like Justin Bobby will fall for your bitchiness (oh wait, he has!)

I miss Lauren. She was and will always be the star of the show. You can never take her place.

I am debating on not watching anymore because you make it such a moronic show and although you will bring drama to it, I don't want it. I hope that at some point this season, you will show that you do have an ounce of class and will respect other people. I feel bad for Lo, Audrina, Stephanie and Jayde who have to put up with your crap.

Yes, I know that it's a reality show and that it's scripted, so maybe it's about time I call it a day, grown up and start watching shows of substance.

Yours truly,
An ex-fan of The Hills.

P.S. - I still love Brody!


One thing I am majorly excited about - Jay and Whitney are no longer together. What a smart girl for dumping him! I only wish that she cheated on Jay with Alex the model first, and then dumped his ass. I am not a big fan of the show but I will continue to watch because I love Olivia Palermo. She is gorgeous and even though she can be bitchy, she is not bitchy like Kristin. Olivia is the original Queen Bee. Not too keen about this Roxy chick. Kinda weird that she was on The Hills before as Stephanie Pratt's best friend.


This show isn't really in my fall line up because we don't get it here in Canada, I have to search for it online. Mike and I were lucky to watch all six episodes of season 1 and the first three episodes of season 2 while in Vancouver but now...we can't find it. We absolutely adore this show and can't get enough of it. BANANAS! I want to go out and get her book, Style from A to Zoe and I have ready signed up for her daily newsletter. Talk about me being obsessed. I DIE!

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deesolsarmi said...

pahh! DUDE i love her still. hhaha she is annoying as hell i know. i dont really watch the city but that erin chick and roxy chick is NASTY. i would rather have them kept theold people. what happened to them??