Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Top 5 Dance Movies

After seeing Fame a few weekends ago, it got me thinking about my favorite dance movies (since I didn't enjoy Fame as I thought I would). Here is my top five dance movies:

5. Take the Lead - I think I like this movie because I actually got to see the set. You know the last part where they are at the ballroom competition? Well, it took place in the Concert Hall at The Royal York Hotel. My company had their annual gala dinner and I was working the registration desk.  I was talking to one of the guys working on the set and he took me in to see what was going on. But I also like this movie because it mixes ballroom with hip hop. Jenna Dewan is in it and I think she's an awesome dancer. C'mon, she's danced for Janet!!!

4. Step Up 2: The Streets - Why can't I remember what happened in this movie? I do remember that I liked it - maybe it's because of this part...the final battle in the rain. I think I am going to watch it again this weekend.

3. Center Stage - A movie with a bunch of no names (like Fame) doesn't make for a good movie and you know that no name actors means bad acting.  This movie though has a great soundtrack and dance scenes. The last dance sequence is awesome because the lead actress kicks ass.

2. Save the Last Dance - Doesn't everyone love this movie? I know my sister-in-law is a huge fan of this movie.  I love when it's on Peachtree TV, I will always watch it even though I own it. Every time I see the club scene, it makes me want to go clubbing (especially when Ice Cube's song comes on).

1. Step Up - Didn't you just love the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan? It must have been so right that they got married. Some of my favorite parts are when Lucy sings with the band and of course, the final dance sequence. Oh ya, and that part where Nora and Tyler dance on the rooftop of the shipping yard at sunset!!! There are so many things I love about this movie and that's why it's my favorite dance movie.

Honourable mentions: Honey, Shall We Dance, Footloose, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Does Can't Stop the Music count? It's more singing than dancing)

Are there some other dance movies that you like that I failed to mention? (BTW: I am not a fan of Dirty Dancing)


Steph said...

Jay made me and Sting watch the theatre! Lol. He lurves that movie!

Kasey Lynne said...

So you didn't like Fame? I wanted to see it (mainly because Kherington is in it and it's a dance movie) but never got around to it.

I've never seen Take The Lead. It's going on my Netflix list NOW. Oh my gosh...the final battle in the rain in Step Up 2 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE scene in any dance movie that i've ever seen. It was SOOOO good!

Anonymous said...

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