Friday, October 9, 2009

surprise, surprise

It's E.A.'s birthday today. She is a girl that I met back at Humber College and we have managed to keep in touch over the years. Although, I don't think we got together this year. I emailed her to wish her a happy birthday and I get an out of office.

Well, I decided to call her home - no answer. I call her cell and she picks up. Here is our conversation:

Me: E, it's Alysia. I'm calling to wish you a happy birthday. I emailed you and got your out of office. It says that you are on mat leave (in my head, I'm thinking WTF? Has it been that long since I last spoke with her that I didn't even know that she was pregnant?)

E.A.: Thank you. Actually, you kinda caught me at a bad time, I am on the way to the hospital

Both of us just start giggling like crazy.

She told me that she thought of me yesterday. She knew that I would email her to greet her today and knew that I would be wondering what was going on when I got her out of office. She was right.

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