Monday, October 12, 2009

Would Gino...

These are some things I wonder about...I wonder if my brother would have liked or been interested in things that are happening these days.

Would Gino... Kings of Leon?
...join Twitter and tweet with me, @openmiq, @mo_par and @ADUBSthoughts?
...have his store in full swing?
...have gone to Vancouver with his boys?
...have bought a Blackberry instead of using his iPhone?
...enjoy this season of One Tree Hill as much as I am enjoying it?
...have minded the fact that his friends invite us to their events/parties?

I miss you Gino!!!

1 comment:

ADUBS said...

I will answer based on thoughts!

1) Yes, he would have enjoyed them. We would both now despise them as they are 'stadium' big.

2) Yeah, for shizzle. He was all about social networking.

3) He'd be franchising :P

4) Obs.

5) No, he would have stayed with Iphone.

6) Probably. Dunno.

7) He wouldn't have mind, although maybe been embarassed!