Friday, November 6, 2009

MAC stores - a big NO NO!!!

This is why I try to stay away from MAC stores.  Everytime I go in, I want something.  Luckily, I have the will power to say no but all I can think about on the GO train ride home is the products that I tried on.  I know that I shouldn't buy anything because God knows I don't need anymore makeup but cremesheen glass comes and goes. And when it goes, I kick myself for not buying it.  The makeup artist said, "It's limited edition" so I know that means that if I don't buy it now, who knows when I will see it again. For now, well, this week, I am going to try and hold back and not tempt myself to buying anything. On today's visit, this is what I had my eye on:

Cremesheen Glass - shades that I like:  Partial to Pink and Boy Bait.  I think that they are kinda too light for me with winter coming up and my pasty skin making an appearance now but I wouldn't mind stockpiling these shades for the summer (when I become blark).

Eyeshadow Kit in Sorceress - I love purple and smoky shades.  This is perfect for me. I recently dyed my hair a red/violet colour. Not sure if this will suit the new change but I plan on dyeing my hair black when this colour starts to fade.  That is when the palette will come in handy.

Paint Pot - the shade that has caught my eye is Bare Study, it's like the Shroom of Paint Pots.  This is a very neutral colour that can be worn for an everyday look or spiced up for a evening look.  It is described as a champagne with gold and white pearl.  I would use this paint pot when I am too lazy to use a brush w/ Shroom or I only have five minutes to do my makeup.  I can just use my finger to apply.  I love it!

I think I can honestly do without the eyeshadow palette but have to make a decision about the paint pot and maybe ONLY one of the cremesheen glass.  I will wait to see what damage I do from this weekend's getaway.  I think a new bag from Cole Haan is something I want more.

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