Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marques' 1st birthday / Daga's new house visit

After the adult party on Saturday night, we headed to Ajax for Marques' 1st birthday/Halloween party.  Here is the little monkey or birthday celebrant. He never complained or cried once being in this fuzzy costume.  I think he got upset when his mom decided to take it off of him.

Here is Brexton (Darryl and Clecia's son) and Marques (Jimmy and Adaiah's son). Isn't it hilarious that they were both dressed up as monkeys?


Well, you saw us dressed up as Alex from a Clockwork Orange but we knew that we couldn't dress like that for a kids party. We put together these fairy costume last minute.  Wings are so much fun!!!


After the party, we made a quick stop to the Daga's new house in Ajax.  It's such a cute little home. It's not massive but it's perfect for their family. I got to spend a bit of time with the happiest baby I know. Callum is almost about to walk. It's crazy how time flies. Soon he will be as big a Bray and Bray will then be 12.  Oh my goodness, I am thinking too far ahead!!!


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