Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NJ shopping purchases

While in New Jersey for the weekend, we made two shopping stops - Woodbury and Flemington outlets.  Both had a Cole Haan outlet and one had a Converse store.  The entire family went crazy with Mike's discount. I also got to use my brother-in-law's discount at American Apparel. I bought a cute spring dress in hot pink for $4 and a stretch grey belt for $5. Here is what else I bought...

The wallet I have always wanted. It's perfect for me.

I have a lot of large bags so I wanted one that was medium size.  It's a pewter colour.  It's also perfect for me because this season, I am in love with anything grey.

I know I said I didn't need another large bag but I think I do with a classic shape like this.  I love the braided handles.  After this bag, no more bags needed.  I am complete...

...well, I will be complete with this last purchase.  I have been trying to look for a small bag with a chain strap and I found it just before paying.  I die!

Since I didn't get to buy a pair when we were in Vegas, I wasn't going to snooze this time.  I decided on high top leather ones.  My brother-in-law picked up a pair too.  Actually I was helping him find a size and then saw they had my size too!

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giselle said...

Wow you did tear it up at CH! We went to Buff last month and when I bought my first Nike Air Cole Haan's I totally thought of you and Mike.

I totally have purse envy. I was craddling this burnt orange purse like a baby there!