Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend recap - Nov 27-29

Where do I start off? Wait, have you noticed that I am beginning to become a blog slacker? I just don't know what to blog about anymore.  So, let's recap my weekend.  Friday night, Julie and I finally were able to lock down a date so that the four of us (Mike and Mikey are the other two) could go out for dinner. We had all intentions of going to Joey's but after seeing the crazy amount of people in the place and being told that they have an hour and a half wait, we decided to check out Glow.  Their wait was 35 minutes. We put our name on the list and off we went to walk around. Exactly 35 minutes later, we get the call and head over to Glow Fresh Grill and Wine Bar. The food here is pretty good. Some of the items we ordered were: Glow Salad, Warm Wild Mushroom Salad, Burger Sliders, Ribeye special, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Lamb Chops and Rainbow Trout.  The dessert was a lot of fun. I'm not going to tell you what it is, you have to go there to find out for yourself. Here is a picture of Mike's Mojito (it was good but warm) and my Peach Bellini (it's huge, I didn't even finish it)

After dinner, we went back to Julie's house. Mike and I stayed over. We tried to watch House Bunny but the movie was slow starting off, which I don't remember it being this way, Mike and I love this movie so we switched it up to Russell Peters' Red, White and Brown. We laughed even though we all had a food coma. It was 1 am and we all decided to go to bed. I couldn't sleep so I probably stayed up until 2:30 am researching all-inclusive resorts for a potential Christmas vacation.

The next day, we watched Julie and Mikey eat breakfast, it looked so delicious but we had to save out appetite since we were next heading to Stouffville to finally visit Mare & Bruce.  We were greeted with a shy Mileah and Bruce cooking pancakes from scratch, sausages and fried egg. It was a delicious brunch!!!  Mare gave us a tour of their house, it's such a nice house, a very unique layout. We got to play with Mileah for a bit. She is so entertaining. She loves to listen to all of us laugh and converse. She showed us her injured soldier crawl, how she claps and says bye.  Here's a cute picture of her waving at the camera.

After this visit, we headed to Aurora to visit the Sarmientos. It was a nice visit. I got to play Barbies with Belle. I painted her nails, she painted mine. I did up her hair, she did up mine. We also got to see Steph and Jay and Michael's parents.  The reason we stopped by is because I needed to pick up a dress and shoes from Dianne but also I wanted to see Blake. See, Blake is my godson/nephew and he is terrified of me. He cries at the sight of me. Dianne says it's because he doesn't know me so Mike and I decided that we have to see him more often. Sure enough, he cried just looking at me and Mike. Luckily, we left on a good note. As Dianne was feeding him cantalope, he was a happy camper and I actually got him to smile.  Too bad I wasn't able to capture it on my phone. I did though capture this picture of him earlier.  This is the look we get from him as soon as he sees us. 

Sunday afternoon I spent with my mom making a tutu for Belle's birthday party. This is the beginning of it. The end result is great. It's a cute little tutu. I actually want one for myself. It's easy to make and costs next to nothing.  Belle is going to look awesome in it!

My mom left around 3:30 and Mike and I spent the rest of the afternoon and night researching resorts. We narrowed it down to two but are still having a hard time deciding where to go. It will definitely be Riviera Maya or Punta Cana. It's just hard to find a decent resort in our price range.  Going away during Christmas costs an arm and a leg. I have to admit that we have become reosrt snobs and that is why it's becoming really difficult for us. I finally gave up around midnight and decided to go to sleep. What was nice about this evening was that for some strange reason, our TV in the bedroom was working (not sure if I ever posted anything about how our TV rarely ever works, we are in the market for a new one) so we got to enjoy watching in our bed while searching the net.

Tonight, I am doing more research as I MUST book tomorrow.  In between though, I am making a friendship bracelet. Remember back in the day when we use to make them???  Well, I just want one to wear...


That's it! I am posting this. I am too lazy to read it over or do a spell check. So if there are mistakes, forgive me. I just wanted to complete this post and go back to my research.

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