Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back from Punta Cana

It's been two days since we have returned home and I am so upset to not be sitting on a beach. What a difference - it's so dark and dreary here and in Punta Cana, it's hot and sunny. Now I see why everyone heads south in the winter (birds and retired people), it's too depressing to be stuck in the cold (thank goodness there is no snow though).

Our trip to Punta Cana was a good one. We were greeted once we step off the plane with warmth and sun. An instant picker-upper. Another bonus was NH Real Arena, the resort we booked at was amazing (thanks to Mike for picking it out).  I won't go into great detail about my review of the resort, I'll save that for another post or maybe the travel blog that Mike and I might start but here is a list of my likes and dislikes of the resort:

  1. Beach - I miss Bavaro beach - the powdery white sand that you can squish between your toes forever and the turquoise blue ocean
  2. Layout - the resort has 600+ rooms in two buildings on either side of the two pools. This resort is not big at all and everything is walking distance. I especially love the covered walkways. When it rains, you can still get to the lobby without getting soaked.
  3. Food - I got to eat what I was looking forward to eating - lots of fish, poo-tasties (this is what I call them but it's basically a chocolate haystack), paella, papa fritas (french fries) and nachos with salsa and guacamole, oh, and the little donuts!!!!
  4. Tanhtra rooftop bar - drinks, comfy beds, flashing lights and a guy lighting is ass on fire...pure entertainment.
  5. Modern look - before I use to like the hacienda villa type looking resorts but after being spoiled at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, I tend to lean towards the "W Hotel" look. The rooms are huge, there's lots of space and don't worry about the huge hole in the wall. It didn't seem to bother us. I love the modern look of this resort from he rattan/wicker furniture around the resort (at the bar, beach, pool, lobby and patio) to the pool area, it's just a cool look.
  1. Breakfast buffet - I expect a lot from breakfast. Don't ask me why because I don't even eat breakfast when I am at home. I was a bit disappointed when we first ate breakfast at the buffet. I found that it was a very small selection. We missed breakfast a lot but a little secret we found out was if you order room service for breakfast, it is much more appetizing and the bonus is, you can eat it on your balcony while you enjoy the view of the ocean. [Who am I kidding, I just said this because I couldn't think of anything to write]
I honestly can't find anything negative about this resort. The staff is hard working and will do anything to please you. It is well-kept. There is free wifi in the lobby, numerous bars to get drinks, bathrooms everywhere you turn, lots of beach/pool chairs and tables, kid's club, bowling alley, elevators and so much more.

Beach at NH Real Arena

With this trip being our 5th time to Punta Cana, we finally decided to leave the resort (back in 2003 we went on an ATV excursion and went to Santo Domingo). We made it out to Punta Cana Beach (quiet and stunning) and Macao Beach (lots of waves for surfing). It was nice to see the south and north tip of the east coast, just enjoying the drive and seeing what is outside the resort.

Mike and I at Punta Cana Beach - it's beautiful here

Punta Cana Beach. No this is not a postcard, it's a real photo. 
It's so different from Bavaro Beach.

I would definitely recommend this resort to others. R&J, if you are planning to go away in February, you should consider this resort. Call us and we can explain why. To everyone else, check out our photos in Mike's Photo Gallery and comment on here if you want from info. It's back to reality now. Luggage is unpack, passport back in the drawer and until next time...the new researching begins for June.

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