Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to the same old sh*t...

Everyone looks forward to the weekends, heck, so do I but the thing I hate is that eventually, come Monday, it's back to work. I had such a good weekend that it pains me to be back here at my desk and go through another week of work. What will get me through this week is birthday dinners, a fun-filled weekend coming up and Punta Cana in 10 more days.

Weekend Recap: After work, I quickly went to the mall to pick up a few things, it was madness at Square One. I am happy to say that I won't be here for Christmas to have to deal with the shopping craziness. I worked out with Mike around 9 pm (more on this later) and then we watch Four Christmases ("Bitch, I'm talking to you!" and "Google me bitch!" - cracks me up every time). Saturday, we woke up early and went straight to the Wal-Mart to pick up some vacation essentials - sunscreen, meds, etc., then to Panera for breakfast, Goodwill to buy ugly sweaters for later at night and then we waited outside of the LCBO for it to open. In the evening, Mike, Maureen and went to the King Wongz Annual Christmas party and the theme this year was Ugly/Bill Cosby sweater. It was great to catch up with all of Gino's friends. Sunday morning, Maureen and I watched Center Stage 2: Turn It Up (more on this later) and then got ready for my birthday lunch with the girls at Joey's. It was a nice afternoon filled with chit-chat, good food and good company. I got lots of cute presents which I should have really waited until my actual birthday to open them. Thanks girls!!! Sunday night was time to relax and catch up on One Tree Hill, Melrose Place and 90210.  Mike and I also watch SNL (Damn, that Blake Lively has long legs and is just so gorgeous).

Meet Me Halfway: this song is on repeat on my iPod and Maureen and I also had it on repeat driving to and from Joey's yesterday. I seriously can't get enough of it. I especially loved it when BEP sang it at the American Music Awards with a house beat to it.

Working Out: Since the day Mike and I booked our trip to Punta Cana, we have been trying to go to the gym every day but it doesn't always pan out. We made it Wednesday morning, Friday night and I went by myself this morning. Wednesday's cardio was quite funny because I was only on the stairmaster for 15 minutes and had to stop every two minutes. My thighs were burning. Friday's cardio was better - 17 mins on the treadmill and today was 26 mins on the treadmill.  I hope to go every day for the rest of the week. I just have to keep telling myself, I need to lose this gut!!!

90210: With the Annie & Jasper storyline beginning to bore me, I told my BFF that I was ready to let this show go. But then I had nothing to watch one day so I caught up and boy did it ever get better. I won't give anything away but my interest has turned towards Naomi and Liam - will they ever get back together? Will Adriana and Navid also get back together? What is going on with Teddy - does he want Silver? Or does he want to remain a player? I smell a cliffhanger coming on tomorrow night!!!

Center Stage 2: Turn It Up: Anything that goes straight to DVD is a sure sign that it's a shitty movie but I had to see it for myself. Good things about the movie: 1) Rachele Brooke Smith has a sick body (it may be a bit too cut for me but she sure is fit!) and Kenny Wormald (from DanceLife) is very cute, even with his accent; 2) There is a part when Kate is auditioning for a role and she is asked why she doesn't have a resume, her speech is very touching - it made me and Maureen cry. Why it sucks: 1) the acting sucks but you really can't expect much from a dance flick; 2) The acting sucks (yes, I said it again); and 3) there was no huge dance finale and you know that is what totally makes a dance movie. This is a dance flick FAIL!

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