Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas shopping: Part Two

**I'm too lazy to add pictures this time**

Every girl needs a purse hook. I don't have one but I find myself wishing I had one because I refuse to put my bag on the floor.

With PS3 so popular for video-gaming and also to watch Blu-ray DVDs, why not pick up a remote so that us girl will have an easier time using the DVD player. We have one at home and it's fantastic. My BFF called me in a panic one day because she didn't know how to use the PS3 controller to rewind a part she missed in a movie.

The hit game for Wii this Christmas, Super Mario Bros. You can play with four players!

Okay, these next two items are great gifts but secretly, I want it for myself =)

I know most girls don't want to take the time to put on a tinted moisturizer, illuminator, foundation, etc, but this Stila Made for You Face Foundation Wardrobe kit is only $24 and is a great introduction to their products. My favorite is the convertible colour.

Oscar Blandi is my new found love. I especially love Seta, it's a silk polishing cream. It's great to put it on when you hair is damp for protection against heating tools but it's also good to put on dry hair for for added shine. And it smells wonderful!

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