Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Reads

One of my favorite blogs, Ramblings of a Fab Brunette had a very cool widget for Good Reads. I checked it out some time ago but didn't have the time to really look through what you can do with on the website. Last night when I should have been packing, I finally signed up for an account. I put together my list of books I am currently reading, books I have read and books that I want to read. This site is a great tool to manage your books.  My BFF, Julie reads a lot and when I ask her to recommend a book, she always says, "I have tons of books but I can't remember which ones I liked". She signed up today and loves it!

If you are an avid book read, I highly suggest signing up for an account.  Click here to check out my page. Now I have to get cracking and start reading more...

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