Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OMFG - Nintendo DS is broken


I just finished playing my daily dose of Animal Crossing and proceeded to insert the game cartridge for Cooking Mama 3. I heard a crack, snap and a pop. I looked and the right side of the lid popped out!!!  It's cracked all around the right button. I can't believe this. Mike says it's because I play it too much.

I am devastated that my DS broke. Many of you may think...who cares, it's just a gaming device.  Well, this gaming device means a lot to me since it was given to me by my late brother. It was his. He lent it to me back in January 2007 and since I was so reluctant to give it back to him, he let me keep it and bought himself a new one. Ever since then, he has bought me Cooking Mama 1 & 2, Nintendogs, Cake Mania and many more. He also supplied me with endless games and even traded them in for me when I finished them. To me, I wanted this DS to last me forever because it meant that a piece of my brother was always with me. Technically, it still works, the lid will just be hanging off when I play it.

But something just dawned on me. I am holding on to electronic or materialistic things that belonged to my brother because I feel like if I hang on to them, I will still have a part of my brother with me. I realized this is very superficial of me. No matter what electronics die on me, it doesn't mean that I am growing further away from my brother. Those things don't matter because regardless of them, I will always hold a place in my heart for him. TV may stop working, Macbook may conk out, iPhone may reset, all that doesn't matter. It doesn't mean that I am losing bits of him. I will always have Gino and memories of him in my mind and heart and no gadgets can replace those.

Now with that said, I will look for a new DS (hopefully a cheap one) and retire the one that Gino gave me. I will put it with all of his other things I have kept. Gino - wherever you are, sorry I broke your DS. It has travelled with me everywhere and been with me always. I guess it's time for a new one. If you were still here and I told you about this, I know that in an hour you would be at my place with a new one.


furelisse said...

Hey Leesh!

I actually read this post when you originally published it, but needed this past week and a bit to find the right words to comment.

This post is a sweet letter to your brother, and I felt, another way to let him know how much he means to you. I still feel so touched by this post every time I read it. :)

Natalie said...

Hey lady just discovered all these blogs and I know what you're saying. We have Ginos old xbox and eveytime we sign in (still under G's profile) I think of him. I can't bring myself to change anything for the same reasons as ridiculous as it may seem. You're such a strong lady and I know Gino is looking down at you proud to be your brother. Ps: You are the Queen of jello shots xoxo

Leesh said...

Natalie - I wish I knew that you guys had G's old xbox. We had a ton of mod games and accessories and didn't know what to do with them so we traded it in. We have G's PS3 and PSP and we won't delete his profile either.

Jello shots this time was made courtesy of my mom. I am glad that we can continue Gino's tradition of jello shots for your family parties.