Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poo-tasties / Chocolate Haystacks


Back in 2005 at Occidental Grand Flamenco, I ate these delicious chocolate "things". We didn't know what they were called so Mike and I decided to call them "poo-tasties" (don't ask me why). These "poo-tasties" brought back memories of my childhood. I can't recall who made them for me or how they are made or even what they are properly called.


Then fast forward to 2009 at NH Real Arena, I found my "poo-tasties" at the lunch buffet on our last day. It made me trip!!!  When I saw them, I immediately put three on one plate, as I used another plate to get my lunch. I got back to the table and explained to Mike that I got three because they might all be eaten by the time I go up for seconds. Luckily, I was smart because when Mike went to get his food, he informed me that they were all gone.

 Here are the three poo-tasties from the resort

Here is my attempt at making poo-tasties 
(or my version of chocolate haystacks)

I have no idea what is in the poo-tasties that they make in the DR but chocolate haystacks consist of maybe chow mein noodles or cornflakes or oats or coconut. I made mine with 4 squares of semi-sweet chocolate, Special K and some shredded coconut. I ate a couple after they cooled down in the fridge and I have to say - they are quite tasty!

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