Thursday, December 31, 2009

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Everyone knows that Mike and I have a deep love for Punta Cana. It's where we first vacationed alone together in 2003, where we got engaged in 2004 and where we got married in 2006 (sorry, I know I have mentioned this before). We took a break from visiting because we went four years straight and decided to explore other places.  Although I heart Mexico, being back in Punta Cana has made me realize my true love for this place. Once we stepped off the plane, I felt like I was back home. The air, the ocean, the food, the people was a wave of familiarity that hit me hard.

During our Christmas vacation, we visited different parts of the coast and got to see some of the other areas besides all the resorts along the coast. It was a new experience for me and quite an eye-opener. Mike and I were thinking, "Hey, maybe we can live here". This week, we looked at real estate, specifically condo apartments and wondered, "What kind of business can we run if we decide to pick up and move?". I talked to my mom and stepdad about it and my stepdad put it into perspective - if we decide to get permanent residency in Punta Cana, then it won't be a vacation for us anymore, it would be our regular life.  -- hmmm, it would be kinda sweet to live in Punta Cana but we wouldn't be able to just lie around on the beach all day, we would have to work.

So, back to the usual routine in Toronto. Boring and uneventful, just waiting for the next vacation when we can soak up the sun and feel like we are at home again. What makes it special now is that we have friends who we can visit when we go. It will really feel like we are coming home.

If you are interested in visiting Punta Cana but would like to learn more about it, I highly recommend checking out Punta Cana TV. You willl learn a lot about this special place, I sure did.

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Hello Leesh

I love Punta Cana! It is a wonderful place to live. I have been visiting and doing business in the Dominican Republic for over 15 years and made the decision to leave the US and make a permanent move to Punta Cana. I am licensed real estate broker in Florida and started a real estate business in Punta Cana over 3 years ago. If you need any help finding good condo deals please let me know.

You can catch my story on HGTV House Hunters International.

Scott Medina

Leesh said...

Scott - thanks for your message. If my husband and I ever decide to make the leap, we will definitely contact you. I hope that I get to watch you on House Hunters.

I miss Punta Cana already and I have been home for two weeks now. You are so lucky to be living there.