Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Cream

My husband is a big fan of Vaseline's Cocoa Butter Lotion. While shopping for our recent trip to Punta Cana, we were out of luck in finding Banana Boat's Aloe Lotion (or gel) - it's our staple. After looking at all the body lotions, Mike picked out this deep conditioning cream. It works wonders after a long day in the sun and a hot shower. It is thick, and I mean really dense but once you are able to smooth it on your skin and rub it in, you begin to feel all the moisture soaking up. We use a whole tube in a week. There must be something with the ocean water, pool water or the water at the resort because our hair and skin looked fabulous and glowing (with the help of the cream) but now that we are back home to the dry air and cold wind, our skin is just not the same. We find the cream hard to rub on but it still provides lot of moisture. I plan to pick up more tubes to get us through the winter and then will switch back to the lotion in the summer.

[blarkness rating: 5 out of 5]

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