Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog Friend Friday: Meet FürElisse

Photo credit to RAD Studio

I recently met Elisse over the Christmas holidays. Technically, I haven't met her in real life. I met her through the blogging community. She commented on my blog and then I checked out her blog. With a few more blog comments, tweets and now emails, we found that we have many things in common. We share a love for JustJared's website and LOST. Since she has been so kind to me, I gave her the honour of being my first "Blog Friend Friday". Check out her blog FürElisse - she is quite crafty and loves to take photos.

1) When and why did you start blogging?
My hubby and I keep up a small blog for our friends whenever we travel, but I started blogging more in 2008 in the midst of my wedding planning.  From March - August 09 most of my posts were written for
as a real-bride blogger.  I've been blogging regularly at "Für Elisse" since October 2009. 

I've always enjoyed journalling, and wanted to take the plunge and put my thoughts out there online. The blogging community is so supportive, and I've enjoyed networking with many great bloggers along the way. I'm so appreciative of the feedback I get from my readers - it has really encouraged me to continue writing and develop my "voice". 

2) Where do you live?
Vancouver, BC Canada

3) What do you for a living and what do you do in your spare time when you are not blogging?
I work as a hospital-based social worker, specializing in Geriatrics (working with seniors.)
If I'm not blogging, I’m on Twitter, working on my grad school thesis, learning how to cook edible meals, or catching up with a favorite tv show. 

4) Do you also have a Twitter and/or Facebook account?
Does Friendster count? Haha - I'm on Twitter @cuteshopper, but somehow I have resisted the urge to join Facebook. I'm probably one of the 100 people who isn't on Facebook. 

5) What is your favorite website to visit daily?
Outside of Twitter? Celebrity news is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I will check out and

6) What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
I don't have a favorite vacation spot, although I love travelling and have been to places like the Philippines, Japan, Hawaii & the Caribbean.
Having said that, I may have a fav vacation spot, as we're planning our postponed honeymoon to Europe later this year … 

7) Name your top three movies.
Sound of Music (don't tell me you don't sing along too!)
Wall - E (how could you not fall in love with him!!!)
Serendipity (I'm such a sucker for chick flicks :P)

8) Who is your favourite celebrity to stalk?
Brangelina and their kids - I love seeing pics of their gorgeous family

9) Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
Both. I'm front and center at Starbucks whenever they start selling their Pumpkin Spice lattes in the fall. And I love "London fog" drinks (Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and a splash of vanilla.)

10) Do you love cupcakes (as much as I do)?
Yes, yes and YES! I recently made a batch of eggnog and rum cupcakes during the holidays - and they were gone before I could even snap a photo!

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