Monday, January 25, 2010

I love snail mail

I always write on my blog about how much I love sending out snail mail and even receiving it. Today, I got three items in the mail - a thank you card, something I ordered online and a pretty big package. I say pretty big because it took up all the room in our tiny little condo mailbox. It's from my friend Kiiat...she mentioned that she had something that she wanted to send me but I had no idea what it was. I ripped away at the brown kraft paper it was wrapped in and discovered this pink box.

I'm so excited at this point...what can be in this box? Chocolates? I am also still shocked at the fact that I got this in the mail.

I read the sweet of Kiiat to send me this package, it's filled with handmade cards that SHE made!

All tied up with a pretty ribbon. I still can't believe what I am getting here! And it's handmade!!!

She made cards for almost every occasion and they are so cute! I don't think that I even want to use them and give to people. I want them for myself. I want to write in the cards and address them to myself because I want to keep them.

Thank you so much Kiiat! You are so sweet and kind to send me this wonderful package (by snail mail, my fave). I think that you should open up your own business and sell your creations online. I'll definitely one of your first buyers.


Elisse said...

OMG - those cards are so cute! I love them, and I like snail mail too! Thanks for letting us open your package along with you :)

Kat said...

i'm glad you liked the cards because i enjoyed making them. now i am embarrassed you posted pictures! snail mail is the best.. i usually get bills :( which is why i signed up for some magazines so there'll be a surprise every month

Steph said...

Those ate uber adorable!! Kat- you are amazing!
Leesh- my birthday (ahem)! Hehe