Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JRM - 8 years gone

Today is the 8 year death anniversary of my dear friend, JRM. It's very hard to believe that he has been gone for this long. I was thinking about him last night and all the times that I spent with him at Just Desserts, Humber College, BDE events and all the clubs that he would drag me to. He always took care of me (when maybe he should have been taking care of himself instead) and had my back. He introduced me to most of my boyfriends but more importantly, he introduced me to my husband. Unfortunately, he had already passed away by the time Mike and I got married.

He was an amazing friend, ask anyone who knew him and they will say the same thing. He lived his life the way he wanted to and I praise him for that. He enjoyed it to the fullest. JRM - I miss you terribly and although I don't get to visit you often, please know that I am always thinking of you. Take care of my brother for me. You guys are probably partying non-stop in the afterlife.


Maureen said...

i miss him too... you know, he's the reason why you and are close friends. he reacquainted us with each other cuz he would force us to those BDE jams.

love you Jeff!

Leesh said...

Maur - you are right. He did reacquint us. At one point it was always you, me, Mike and Jeff going out.