Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is Sweet

Last week, my co-worker (let's call her "S") and I were talking about warm winter jackets. She was in need of one and couldn't find the right one. I just remembered that I had a ACG jacket sitting at home that I really wanted to use but it's slightly too big for me. I told S that I had a jacket that may fit her. Well, I brought it into work, S loved it and took it home. She wanted to give me some money for it but I couldn't accept any money for a jacket I got for free so I told her to bake me something.

Top L to R: Vanilla cake w/ chocolate icing, Chocolate cake w/ pink vanilla icing, Vanilla cake w/ coconut cream cheese icing 
Bottom L to R: Vanilla cake w/ butterscotch icing, Vanilla cake w/ white chocolate icing and Chocolate cake w/ mint icing

Two days later, S gives me a bag that contains half a dozen cupcakes from Life is Sweet, a cupcake shop in the Beaches.These cupcakes don't have uber icing on top and the cake is dense. I actually quite enjoyed them. I think S bought it Thursday after work and Mike and I ate one each Saturday night so they were getting a bit hard. I do remember on Friday at work, S bought some mini cupcakes for the office and the chocolate cake with mint icing was delicious (cake was dense and not too sweet, mint icing had just enough mint flavour).

I have satisified my cupcake craving for now. A pretty sweet trade off for a winter jacket I am unable to wear!

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