Monday, January 18, 2010

My favorite iPhone apps

I have a history with my iPhone. It's my iPhone but technically, it's not. It belonged to my brother but I consider it mine now because last summer, I tried to update it but I actually reset and locked it. I was pissed. I was angry. I had deleted all the info that was on my brother's iPhone.  This iPhone is the first genertion made, the original one. My brother picked it up in the States before they even released any iPhones here in Canada. I mainly use it as a phone because I am too cheap to get a data plan. Therefore, I use the wifi at home and at work.

Now that I can officially call it my own, I have been adding my own contacts, my own email and apps that I like. I don't have an iTunes account, I use my husband's. The downfall about this is that he can see what apps I am downloading. I get questioned most of the time but I feel that I shouldn't, after all, I only download free apps.

So here are some of the apps that I love, in no particular order:

  • Twitterific - I love twitter and this is my choice of app to use. Maureen showed me how to use it and I love it what it does.
  • MobileRSS - To keep up with all the blogs I am following. I can catch up on my subcriptions on my commute to and from work.
  • aNote - I tried Awesome Note Lite and found that this to-do list had everything I wanted in a list app. I ended up buying the full version for $3.99. I keep lists of groceries, things I want to buy, things I need to do, blog ideas, TV shows I have to still watch and books I want to read.
  • OpenTable - I started off with an account and was booking my restaurant reservations online but now I can do it through this app.
  • Tap Farm - Elisse introduced me to this. She said it was like Animal Crossing so, of course, I had to try it out. My farm is still small but I am addicted. I check it out every morning and harvest my crops.
    Sneezies Lite - Another app Elisse introduced me to. This little game is the cute thing EVER. Actually Mike has been playing it the past two nights. He didn't just play one game, he played several. He wants to beat my top score.
What are your favourite apps?


Anonymous said...

i don't have an iphone - i'm a bb girl at heart... the only apps really use is my browser and openbeak for quick tweets. mostly i use my bb for email, surfing and tweeting

Elisse said...

I like the new layout of your blog!

Great idea for a post - I always enjoy Sneezies - did you notice how their little cheeks puff up before they "sneeze"? So cute.

I tried Twitterific when I first got the iPod touch, but switched over to Twittelator. Eventually I think I'll purchase Tweetie, because it's had such good reviews.

Another app you may want to try is Stick It - it's a sticky note app that you can save as your wallpaper.

Giselle said...

I love scrabble on the iPhone