Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Product Review: Faber-Castell grip fine pen

Although I love tweeting and blogging, I still believe in and love snail mail or the art of letter writing. Growing up, collecting stationary was my hobby (along with collecting stickers), but as I got hooked on emailing, the hunt for the coolest stationary disappeared. I do still buy blank and thank you cards and to write in these cards, I am always looking out for the best pens to write with.

Most of my girlfriends are pen freaks. When we find a pen we like, we buy every colour and hoard them. For the past couple of years, it's been Le Pen (from Carlton Cards) but now, it's Faber-Castell (available at Indigo or Chapters). These pens write so smooth, the flow of the ink is slightly thicker than Le Pen. It's too bad that Chapters only sells them in blue, green, purple, red and pink. Go to Chapters or Indigo and grab what you can because they are only a dollar!!!


Steph said...

Ooooh! I'm going to get one....or a few!

Kat said...

Leesh email me ur addy. I'll send u a surprise that I've thinking about doing for a couple days but then kayla got sick

mosquito said...

Oww. I love them so much. I have blue,pink,red,black and purple ones. but I want all colour of them. :)