Sunday, January 10, 2010

R3 kids = trouble? No way!!!

Yesterday, the Ponces came over for a visit. See, I offered to lend J's friend my wedding dress since she is renewing her vows in Curacao later this month. J and I have been having some problems connecting but finally, it worked out. I love having the Ponce family come over. I know our condo is small but somehow this family makes it cozy. We talked about their upcoming vacation (I really wish I could go) and R's upcoming birthday dinner. We ate spaghetti and popcorn. We watched Alvin & the Chipmunks. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon. R2 is pure entertainment. I could watch him for hours. R1 can hold his own, he will watch TV, play DS or Wii and not even make a peep. R3 is just full of smiles.

 R1 - he only looks bored but he never is...he keeps himself entertained.

 R2 - he was obsessed with the candy sushi my co-worker made. He cried when R1 ate one of them.

R3 - my godson. Isn't it crazy that he matched our throw pillows?

 R3 Boys - of course I had to do a photo shoot before they left our place.

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Estrella said...

do they really have 3 kids already? How time flies!!!