Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts: Starbucks | Walkman

I go to the Starbucks at BCE Place because it's not as busy as the one outside of Union Station in the Royal Bank Plaza. I also go to it because I have a secret crush on one of the baristas there. Anyway, the point of my story is that I love Starbucks. There is one girl who works there. I dislike her. She doesn't make my tall toffee nut soy americano misto right, I think it's because she doesn't put enough of the flavour shot. She also doesn't know how to ring up my drink order apparently. Luckily, today I asked for my balance and on the receipt, I noticed she charged me for a tall latte. Okay, not a big deal right? Trust me, I wouldn't make a stink about it but amercianos are only $2.35 and a latte is $3.10, that's a 75 cents difference. I went back and they put back on my card what the girl charged me. Yay - free drink!  Starbucks is awesome!

This morning on the subway, I saw a woman listening to a Sony Walkman, not a Sony Discman but a walkman. Remember was used to listen to cassette tapes. Do they even sell cassette tapes anymore? I found it so strange to see someone still using this gadget. Doesn't she know that the songs on that tape can be purchased on a CD or on iTunes and put on an mp3 player? I think I would be okay to see a discman being used (the last time I used one was in 2004 on my Cuba vacation) but a SONY WALKMAN??? My parents are not into all the new electronics or technology but at least my dad has a Creative mp3 player and my mom has an iPod Nano (mind you, they need Mike and I to put songs on it for them). I think I would be quite embarrassed if my parents were still using a walkman. So other equivalents to walkman to iPod would be: Betamax machine to PVRs, Atari to PS3, Dial up internet to hi-speed, VHS to Blu-ray.

Can you think of any other old school gadgets and their modern day version?


Anonymous said...

-laserdisc to CD - remember those GIANT CDs?
-compact flash card to microSD
-floppy disc to USB

Leesh said...

Kat: Good ones!!! I knew a tech geek would know. J/K!

My BFF still has her laserdisc player in her basement for her projector/screen.

sweetmarie said...

My MIL refuses to stop using her VHS player. She even spent $$$ to buy a stereo that played cassettes, b/c she doesn't want to re-purchase everything. Ask me how many times I've heard her play

Elisse said...

Talk about lazy Starbucks barista - you think she'd get your drink right! At least you got a free drink :)