Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap: DD Cottage | 24

DD Cottage
My hubby wanted to hang out with his friend over the weekend so we decided to do a sleepover. I know what most of you are thinking...You are in your 30's and are still having sleepovers??? The answer is YES! It beats having to go home late at night when you are all tired. It allows you to get drunk and not worry about driving home (this is not the case for me). It lets you maximize your time with your friends. Plus, these friends of ours tend to hold us hostage until the weekend is over. We ate lots of chicken Friday night (with lots of KFC coleslaw) and had delicious homemade lobster and corn soup late Saturday night. From Friday to Saturday, all we did was lay on their couch (which when the ottoman is pushed towards the L-shaped sectional, it basically becomes a king size bed) and watch six movies and the SAG awards.
Friday night
Movie #1 District 9 (Showtime: 10:30 pm) - This movie is weird and I just didn't get it so I went to sleep. LD fell asleep right away. The boys loved it.
Movie #2 2012 (Showtime: midnight) - Starting a movie after midnight and the movie being two and a half hours long, no one going to watch and finish it except for Mike. He woke us up at 2:30 when it was over.
Movie #3 Bruno (Showtime: 2:30 am) - I find this movie totally disguisting but the boys were going to watch it. JD found it hilarious. LD and I, of course, went to sleep. It was after 4 am when the movie finished.

Saturday night
Movie #4 Year One (Showtime: 10:00 am) - I tried to watch this some time ago and fell asleep. JD wanted to watch this because he likes stupid movies. Mike and I wanted to see how far he would get. He finished it but the rest of us slept right through it.
Movie #5 Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Showtime: noon) - YAY! The first movie we all were awake to watch. This movie is hilarious. It's a little crude, there's a lot of cursing and lots of exposed body parts. There is one part that we kept on rewinding. It's about sagging boobs. If you've watched this movie, you'll know what I am talking about.
Movie #6 The Hangover (Showtime: 2:00 pm) - We should be leaving DD Cottage but they were trying to hold us hostage and make us stay over again. They even attempted to hide our bags. We decided to watch The Hangover even though Mike and I saw it already. It was funny the first time but watching it a second time, you realize that the beginning and every end is funny, everything in between drags...

We finally left DD Cottage at midnight. I had to put my foot down and say, it's time to go home.

I'll admit it. I just jumped on the 24 bandwagon but I am so far behind with eight seasons so I'll just begin with season eight. Avid 24 fans tell me that I don't really need to watch all the other seasons, I just need to watch the new season from the start...and that is what I am doing. I do have some questions though. Also, if anyone wants to brief me, leave a comment or send me an email (you can find it in my profile).
  • What's the deal with Chloe? Why does she looks like that? It's like she has a pickle up her bum.
  • Is Freddie Prinze Jr's character new this season? He's hot, he's still got it. He's not weathered and worn as my friend says.
  • What does CTU stand for? J/K, I looked it up on wikipedia and it's Counter Terrorist Unit.
  • What's the story with Renee and Jack?
  • Why didn't anyone force me to watch this show? It's so good. I don't know if it's because of FPJ or if I just find it so interesting and intense. Well, my brother did force me to watch the boxed set of season one but I was having trouble with the characters being in the same clothes in all the episodes. Honestly, I didn't understand the concept but now I do. Sorry G, I should have listened to you.
How was your weekend? Did you watch any movies or catch up on shows you've missed?

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