Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a BLARKNESS giveaway: A few of my favorite things...

I have been blogging since 2004 but started this blarkness blog in August 2007. I have been posting almost every day and along the way, I have meet some nice people who read my blog daily - some are strangers, some are friends. I also started adding other people's blogs to my google reader, again - some are strangers, some are friends. I began to notice a trend in the blogs that I am following - most of them do a giveaway. Who doesn't love to win stuff? So, I put together a few of my favorite things in my first giveaway. If you have been reading my blog, some of these items will look familiar to you.

Included in this giveaway:

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment and share with us one of your favorite products. If you like, include your email, blog or website. I'll get my hubby to draw from the entries on February 12th and will post the winner on my blog the next day. Make sure to come back and find out if you've won and to read other people's favorite products.

Good luck! 


Kat said...

hey what a great idea! i love winning stuff :)

ok so my fav product is my blackberry curve. i cannot live without it. from surfing to tweeting, to organizing to taking pictures and videos of my little one, to sending instant messages, it's everything i need all wrapped up in a small package. i also use it as my alarm clock so this badboy is on 24/7.

thanks leesh!
kat http://mindlessdrivl.wordpress.com/

StephSolChai said...

my fave product at the moment is Galaxal Base Cream. I have extremely dry and itchy skin and I found it to work wonders! It's not greasy and a little goes a long way!
I don't have a blog, but, you know where to find me. :)

Elisse said...

Congrats on announcing your first giveaway!

My fav product is my Moleskine weekly planner. I can't live without it. I also have one of their blank notebooks, which I find durable and great for keeping all my slips of paper together. I purchase my handbags based on the fact that it must fit my Moleskine - haha!


Sting_a_ling said...

A giveaway – what a fun idea! My favourite product at the moment is Organic Japanese Sencha tea from David's Tea. Since David's Tea opened up just around the corner from my work, I've been able to sample lots of delicious teas and came across this Sencha and now have a stash of it at home. It's clean, bright and refreshing – perfect on a weekend morning.
I don't have a blog either :)

Anonymous said...

Here's an oldie but a goodie ~ Revlon Colorstay Sheer lipstick in Sheer Coral. I love it because it's like wearing a lip tint/balm/lipstick all in one. It feels lightweight but stays put. It gives the perfect amount of colour that seems to brighten up your face. I use it all year round, day or night depending on what other makeup I'm wearing.