Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend recap: Two birthdays, two little travellers and new coin purse

I hate how I live for the weekend to arrive and it just disappears so quickly. I started off my weekend by getting my eyebrows cleaned up at Benefit Brow Bar with Megan. I cannot stress how Megan saved my eyebrows. I was in the process of growing them out and I am still am but she helped reshape them and encourages me not to over tweeze. Without Megan, my brows would either be two thin lines drawn above my eyes or they would turn into two giant caterpillars (that's what they looked like when I was in grade 10). I left work at normal time, got home, chatted with Julie, then started to bake.  It was an early night for me.

I was behind two episodes and after Elisse emailed me to tell me how good Thursday's episode was, I knew that I had to catch up. Saturday morning, Mike and I watched back-to-back episodes. Not sure if you know that as I am watching the show, I am also reading the book. Currently I am on Volume 4 - The Dark Reunion. This is seriously a bad idea because I am getting really confused with the book and tv show. I can't remember what happened where. I am always careful with what I say to Mike or Elisse because I don't want to give anything away. I thought after reading volume 3 that the book has a much better storyline but after these two episodes, I am liking where the show producers are heading. It's quite different from the book. As the show continues, I will be able to talk about what I read in the books.I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

All through my schooling, I have never had a real set of friends. A crew that you can depend on, friends who you get together with for every occasion. I did have a group of girls - there was four of us (GB, TH and KM) - in the beginning of high school that I was always with, but of course you drift apart. I still have random girlfriends I am extremely close to from different stages in my life but I only until 12 years ago did I come across a group of friends who are now going to be my lifelong friends. We partied, we traveled, we clubbed, we got married, we moved, we had kids...we are now in all different stages of our lives but every so often, we still manage to get together and have some fun. Saturday was Richie and Giselle's birthdays. I won't disclose their age but both of them have kids and haven't been out to have some adult time in a while. It was nice of them to get us all together for a kid-free night. Although we can't party like we use to, it was nice to go out, have dinner at The Drake (in a private dining room I may add) and then chill out at 5ONE5. Yes, 5ONE5 is our crew's very own club/lounge. Only we get access to it =) It was great to have a laugh with these guys and see Giselle and Richie have shots of tequila to remind us that 10 years ago, we were all together in Cancun. We torn apart Dee's place and analyzed every piece of furniture in his place. We looked through his closet and dresser. We laid on his bed and tested out the pillows. Richie and Mike did their poses on the lounger. These are the moments that don't happen as often as we would like them to but I am sure glad that we all make the effort to make them happen.

When the Solon Massive get together, it's usually pretty crazy and hectic. On Sunday was Jason's birthday. He's my brother-in-law and the oldest of the bunch. We went to Joey's to celebrate his birthday. He is such a sweet guy because he paid for the 14 people who came out to his birthday lunch. Two things I have to mention, one of them being really corny and one being a rant. Let's get the corny one out of the way. I have known Mike's younger brother Jon since he was 13. He's never really spoken to me. I talk to him but he doesn't really talk back to me, he basically runs when he sees me. Well, at lunch, HE was ACTUALLY talking to me. HE was ACTUALLY asking me questions, HE was making conversation.  When we left, I said to Mike, "I kinda like that Jon's able to talk to me now" . Mike replies, "Well, he should be able to, he's 25 now". And I said, "It only took him 12 years!!!!". Anyway, it may not matter to anyone else but it's a big deal to me. Now that's corny! For my rant...everyone raves about Joey's. The food is good, I will give them that but they always f*ck up on large party reservations. It's like they can't handle it, well, they really can't handle it because their restaurant is designed for more initimate parties, like no more than 6-7 at a table. I don't think that I will go back with a large party but if it's a foursome, then it might be okay. If you are thinking of doing a party for more than 10 people, maybe check out Glow which is across from Joey's. I saw a secret dining room on the lower level. I have never inquired about it but maybe you can.

Mike and I got to Shops at Don Mills a bit early so we walked around. I bought this cute little coin purse from Michael Kors. I can use it to hold my coins and subway tokens or I can use it as a carrying case or protector for my iPhone.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Ludlow Coin Purse in Amethyst

During our last vacation in December, we brought our little travellers to Punta Cana. We forgot to bring them to Vancouver which would have made for some lovely photo opportunities. But while in Punta Cana, for the first few days, I forgot to bring them out to the beach and when we remembered, I noticed that the arms of my little traveller fell off. Mike still took some pictures anyway. So when we returned home, I immediately ordered new ones.

Mike will obviously name his but do you want to name mine? Leave a comment with what you think I should name my new traveler.

Little Travellers

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