Friday, April 23, 2010

Blog Friend Friday: Meet Angie

I came across Mommy Doings when I found out that she was part of Für Elisse's read along for The Happiness Project.  Angie started commenting on my blog and then I started following hers. I am intrigued by her job which she doesn't write about that often but I do enjoy reading her posts about her Happiness Project. What's cool is that she lives in Toronto and I can't wait to meet up with this fellow blogger (hopefully in the summer). I love how she always comments on my posts.

1) When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging 2006 with a more fashion oriented blog, it still is up and running but I haven't posted on it in over a year, I lost interest in writing about fashion trends. I started this blog because it was tidbits about myself and a place where it could be cathartic to get out my thoughts. It really has been great and rewarding.

2) Where do you live?
I live in Toronto... ironically all my life. Never left, dream about relocating to NYC one day or London; but can't see what would take me there right now! 

3) What do you for a living and what do you do in your spare time when you are not blogging?
I am an event producer and have my own little boutique company that I started this year called Pink Creative Productions, spare time gets sucked up by my 2 beautiful girls who keep me on my toes, they are Irish twins and the source of my general need for being the best human I can be and a very small jewelry line that I started years ago.

4) Do you also have a Twitter and/or Facebook account?
 I do have Twitter @nikiandlola, it's a small jewelry company that I have and had started a twitter acct. for; but I post all my silliness on it from my cooking, tv watching to the funny things my daughters do. My facebook is my personal one, I do have a fan page for my jewelry line, perhaps I should get one for my blog one day; but I don't think I have enough followers... LOL!!

5) What is your favorite website to visit daily?
My husband would say I have a facebook addiction, as soon as I get on I will check it first, I have everyone I need on there... I check it before my emails, but I am a internet junkie, I like reading blogs, I need real--- not interested in any longer in hearing celebrity gossip because it doesn't feel the same as reading other real peoples daily occurrences. 

6) What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Ohhh it's this little spot in the south of Greece called Mani, the Mediterranean stands still there literally not a wave in sight and the water is the clearest I have ever seen it anywhere, can't wait til my daughters can learn to dive so I can take them cliff diving there! 

7) Name your top three movies.
Ohhh hard one, Sound of Music, have seen it every year of my life that I can remember, it's a staple in my life it makes me feel good inside. Perhaps it's because of my age, but I have a fond memory of Cruel Intentions and could watch it over and over again. But there are too many to pick from, I cry at movies so there are plenty that have made me ball my eyes out, like The Notebook, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and so many more!

8) Who is your favourite celebrity to stalk?
I used to like to read about them all... now I could careless but I am a Britney fan... have been for years! It's pretty silly-- but I do!

9) Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
Ohhhh COFFEE! I love coffee, I prefer it cold, Ice Moccachinos or Frappés. Little cafés are where I prefer to go, but I will settle for Starbucks or Second Cup any day. Hot coffee Timmies makes a fantastic Double Double for the really cold winter days. 

10) Do you love cupcakes (as much as I do)?
 WHO DOESN'T??? I am a chocolate girl, but if there is a lot of icing I am there, and my weight unfortunately shows that I love my baked goods. But I should share one day my perfect vegan chocolate cupcakes.

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Angie said...

Thanks for the mention and the great blurb about me at the top. I like following your blog, and I think people like comments, it's like an unspoken conversation, no?

And I would love a summer meet up!