Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Memories: High School Hangouts

Square One. Who remembers when the bus terminal use to be at the front entrance? Who remembers when Burger King was also at the front entrance? Who remembers when you could smoke in the mall?  I DO!!! Square One front entrance was the place to be no matter what high school you went to. This is where we would smoke and wait for everyone to come off the buses. It was the place to go to pick up guys/girls and meet everyone after school. Security wasn't tight back then about loitering. I remember going to hang out after school and even on the weekends.  I even remember that there was a movie theatre in the mall (which is now a Good Life gym) and we would go watch a movie when it was cheap on Tuesday.

Mickey's. Everyone hung out at this pool hall, mainly to play gitoni or gitz. There were also people who played Streetfighter. Us kids would hang out there after school, on weekends and also if you skipped school. Me...I would play gitz sometimes but most of the time, I was just there to hang out and smoke. One night that sticks out in my head is when S and M were going to fight each other and it was a big deal because they were both friends of ours.  I stayed back with MR and watched some guy's younger siblings who he brought out. I remember it being so upsetting to see two of my good friends kick the crap out of one another. I'm just making myself sound like a punk but this is what I did in my high school days.

Chicken Land. Yes, we hung out at a take out chicken place. In the back room was two gitoni tables. It was a little secret hangout for the employees and their friends. It's ironic that it's now a police station. MR and I hung out with a bunch of guys who practically lived in this place and of course, since I was interested in one of the guys, it became our second home.

I know that are more places that I hung out at during my high school years but these three stick out in my mind.

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