Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Memories: Superstars Nightclub

Back when I was 16, there was this club in Mississauga that everyone went to...Superstars. It was pretty much all ages but I am sure that there was a 19+ section somewhere in the club. I can't even remember seeing a bar, all I remember is a HUGE dance floor and a stage. This was where my friends and I went every weekend. We would see people from all the Mississauga high schools and even people from the East end and downtown.  Sometimes we would get a ride, sometime we would have to take the bus. Trust me, taking the bus there wasn't a bad thing. That Dixie bus was filled with all sorts of people also going to Superstars.

One night that stands out (well, maybe it's because K.M. reminded me) was when I met her for the first time. She was with G & D who were also from Oakville. We met at the bus stop at Dixie and Dundas. Who knew that meeting someone at a bus stop would turn into a friendship.

Another time, I was on the bus with my then boyfriend, let's call him Darkman. He was so excited to wear this new shirt he just bought. I remember being on the bus thinking how ugly it was.  Sorry Darkman, I don't think that you will ever read this but it wasn't a nice shirt all tucked into your bells.

I really wish I took some pictures back then, for the memories and of course to laugh at my outfits. But for now, I will just have to go by this one song, 3 am Eternal by KLF, that brings it all back. It's so clear in my head that when the intro (the cell phone beeps and electric guitar strums) to the song came on, you could expect everyone to go crazy and the fireworks/light show to go off on stage.

Off topic... Happy Birthday to my BFF, Stephanie!!!
I hope you are still riding that high from a successful night last night. Let's hope the boys treated you to wonderful presents and lots of food!


tris1978ton said...

LOL. I remember that song!

Angie said...

OMG... that was ME and my club was Casablance over in Scarborough. I did everything, the rides or the buses up Kennedy. Casablance was for Friday night, and the Warehouse on Saturdays. I too made friends like this as well. Crazy how fun it was for teenagers when we were younger, I don't think they have as many all ages as they use to!

Elisse said...

Holy crap, that song brings me back! LOL! So what is "Superstars" now? Still a club?

BTW, Showed some linky love to your blog in my most recent post - make sure you check it out :)

Have a great week!

Leesh said...

Angie: I've went to Casablanca one or two times. I know I went there for a New Years Eve party and it was all Asians. You are right, I don't think teenagers these days have the cool clubs we had back then. Plus back then, no one was getting stabbed or shot in a club.

Elisse: Superstars only had a year or two long run and then it switched owners and became another club. Thanks for the linky love!

Anonymous said...

I was a door man there back in late 80's early 90's stopped after the turn into all ages

Leesh said...

I find that hilarious that the doorman of Superstars landed on this post. Thanks for the comment.

I obviously went in the early 90s just when it became all ages.