Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Cheeky Monkey Experience (and a giveaway!)

***There's a nail polish giveaway at the end of this post***

Where do I begin? I guess I start from Sunday night when I met Andrea from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics at Blush Pretty's Beauty Board. Once Stephanie told me that she got a nail polish company on board, I got all excited. I looked over the website for days leading up to the event and I can't even describe my excitement when I found out that Andrea was doing polish changes at the event. Oh the selection!!! Part of my personality is that I have trouble making decisions when too many options are thrown my way (hence, why I always check out a menu before dining out so I don't sit there for hours trying to decide what to eat). So I asked Andrea for a recommendation but warned her that I don't do light or neutral polish. She choose Booty Call, a new shade added to her line but not yet available for purchase. Anyway, I had a wonderful yet funny conversation with her.

Now imagine how thrilled I was to find out on Monday morning that the Dealight of the Day on Sweetspot was 40% off Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics. I went crazy and immediately had to tweet about it. Later that night I placed my order after receiving more recommendations from Andrea since I couldn't decide on what colours I should buy. Did I mention that Andrea is awesome? Tuesday morning, I see that I should receive my package of goods by Wednesday at noon. Wednesday comes and goes. Very little tracking info. Thursday morning comes and goes...still no delivery. Finally, Thursday afternoon, there is an update on the tracking page...the package has been received and signed by...wait for it, wait, wait wait....ME!!!! I am shaking and panicking at my desk.  How could I have signed for it when I never received the package? I spoke to UPS three times. I spoke to the woman at the UPS store twice. I checked with our receptionist. I checked with the company across the hall. I checked at the security desk. NOTHING. After two hours of phone calls and emails, I came to the conclusion that someone stole my package and I decided to let Andrea know. She called UPS to see what went wrong but also offered to drive to my work to give me some replacements.  How sweet! Did I mention already that Andrea is awesome? Coming to terms that the package is gone and that I can breathe again because I have replacements on the way, I call it a day and go home.

While on the train ride home, I get a call from my co-worker. She tells me that my package has arrived! Strange huh? It just suddenly appears. Anyway, I don't care to find out what happened, I really only care that I have finally received my order. Look what I got:

Cute packaging!

I love the ribbon.

I ordered three polishes and the top coat.  
Andrea also threw in some extras - mini manicure kit, foot file, 
manicure dish and some stickers. Did I mention that Andrea is awesome?

My Cheeky Monkey experience has been a stressful (on UPS' part) yet pleasant (because of Andrea). I truly love the packaging and names of all her polishes. She had a great idea and concept and executed it well enough to gain the attention of the nail polish whore (me!). I hope you take the time to check out how cute and hilarious her website is and maybe you might even buy some of her polishes. Andrea - if you ever read this - thanks for the all the extras you gave me. As I mentioned before, it was such a pleasure meeting you at Beauty Board and I hope that we run into each other again. You have a great sense of humour and a wonderful company to boot. I wish you continued success in Cheeky Monkey!!



To promote Cheeky Monkey (cuz I love it so much) and because it's about time I do another giveaway, I will be giving away ONE of these nail polishes - Party Whore OR Come Hither.

Left: Party Whore / Right: Come Hither

1) To enter this giveaway you must leave a comment with your name and the colour you would like to win (Party Whore or Come Hither - pick one).

2) You'll get a additional entry if you visit Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics and leave a comment on my blog with the polish name you love best (they are all so cheeky) - this is proof you've stop by her site and looked around.

3) You'll get one more entry if you blog about this giveaway and leave a comment here with the link.

Contest ends Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 6:00 pm ET. Good luck!


Steph said...

What a fun giveaway!!!! I now regret not going to beauty board!
1) I like Come Hither
2) Born Again Virgin
3) I will post this contest later today.

Hope I win!

Steph I said...

Great giveaway! When I heard about Cheeky Monkey from all the Beauty Board chatter, I went to check out the site too and I loved it all! SO cheeky and brilliant!

1) I like Party Whore
2) So hard to choose my favourite because there are so many!!!! Right this second though, I'm going to say Romp.
3) I'll also post your giveaway on my blog later tonight when I have more time.

Angie said...

I am a fan of the Come Hither too...

I need to get on this beauty board wagon... sounds like a blast!

Giselle said...

1) I like Come Hither
2) the other colour I like from her site is "Hot Slut"

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Aileen said...

1) Come hither
2) Hangover (and no, it's not that Im thinking about having a drink!)

Can't wait!!!