Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend filled with toddlers & makeup

As usual, the weekend has come and gone. It's back to work tomorrow.  It's almost 11 pm and I am determined to stay awake until midnight to watch America's Best Dance Crew's "Champions for Charity" show. I'm so excited to see Quest Crew's performances. See, I would have watched it at 8 pm but I was at Blush Pretty's Beauty Board. More on this later....So, with an hour before the repeat of the show starts, I might as well blog about my weekend.

Friday. Last minute, hubby decides that we should go visit his sisters up in Aurora since we didn't have anything planned for the evening. Before heading up north, we paid a visit to our niece, CAC. It was a long overdue visit but we finally gave her the present we bought for her. We ended up at Dianne's house and ate delicious burgers, cupcakes and cookies. We just lounged around but as always, it was fun to hang out with all the siblings. It wasn't a late night but as soon as we got home, I went straight to bed.

Mike and Blake.

Saturday. Maybe I should have cleaned up the condo but I was so wrapped up reading The Last Song. I didn't think I would enjoy the book but I just couldn't put it down, especially the last 100 pages. I cried and I cried and I couldn't stop. I am eager to now watch the movie to compare. I may just go after work tomorrow. I finally finished the book and got ready for a Tapas Party at Hakkim Hotel. I haven't seen my lil boyfriend, Marques since January. He has grown so much and is talking lots of gibberish (no one understands what he's saying). I taught him a couple of things that I don't think his parents are too pleased with.  Another good night of just eating and hanging out.

me and Marques

Sunday. What a day! Blush Pretty's Beauty Board was taking place at my work so I had to come downtown early. To those who were not able to make it, you missed out. I have been to all three Beauty Boards and this one tops it. It's grown so much with lots of companies wanting to get involved.  My faves - Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, Consonant Body and DaLish Cosmetics. I especially found it a treat to get my nails painted in Booty Call (wow, the polish isn't even listed on their website, it's a new colour - a dark purple, almost black, maybe like eggplant) by the lovely owner of Cheeky Monkey, Andrea. My BFF threw an awesome event and seriously, if you didn't attend this Beauty Board, make sure you come to the next one. You are missing out on all the free swag. Just take a look for yourself.

Swag from Blush Pretty's Beauty Board

A very happy birthday to my cousin in San Francisco!!! I hope you are having an awesome day!


lisa said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! Eee Marques is such a cutie!

Angie said...

How does one go to a beauty board??? Leesh, message me--- tell me if I can come to the next one!