Saturday, May 8, 2010

25 more random facts about me

Last year, I posted 25 random facts about me. I thought that I would share 25 more with you:
  1. I only recently discovered  that I actually like honey mustard sauce. All this time, I stuck with BBQ sauce at McDonald's or Wendy's.
  2. I like to cut up all my meat before I start to eat it. It helps me portion the ratio of meat to starch (potatoes, rice, noodles) to veggies.
  3. I have this sick obsession with Quest Crew - America's Best Dance Crew, Season 3.  I would love to hang out with them for a day. They look like they have so much fun no matter where they are or what they're doing.
  4. I must close the closet door before going to sleep.
  5. When I was in grade 6, I entered a contest to design (draw) a poster for National Forest Week (or something like that). I won, which is surprising because I can't draw. The prize - a helicopter ride over the mountains. 
  6. I only wash my hair every three days.
  7. It took me six years to complete my two year business management program. I completed one year with a full course load and then realized a full course load was too much so I went to work full-time instead and remained in school part-time. School is just not for me.
  8. Although I love beach vacations, I can't swim.
  9. If I don't have time to put on any makeup, I will at least curl my eyelashes.
  10. I can knit the basics but I don't know who taught me or where I picked it up.
  11. Although I love to bake, the only thing I can make flawlessly are Skor bars. 
  12. As of this year, I have stopped drinking wine. It's all about beer from now on...
  13. I still have a washcloth from when I was a baby.
  14. I won't eat fruit unless someone cuts it for me. I am the same way with spam and I love spam.
  15. I love shrimp. If I was on death row, I'd ask for a shrimp buffet as my last meal with a basket of bread.
  16. The first movie my dad took me to (that I can remember) was E.T. I was terrified and hid under my jacket the whole time. Since then I still haven't watched it. That alien freaks me out.
  17. Whenever I open a can of pop, I tap the lid three times. I really don't know why I do this.
  18. Most of the guys I dated or liked were either a Mike, Paul, Joe or Alex.
  19. I can't stand Selma Hayek. My husband feels the same way about Penelope Cruz.
  20. I have a Cabbage Patch Kid that I bought three years ago. His name is Oscar Aryan. He looks just like my hubby. That is why I bought him. My best friend and her husband are his godparents. They even signed the birth certificate.
  21. The first person to call me Leesh was my friend Mary Anne back in 1993. Everyone calls me Leesh now except for my friends who knew me back in high school.
  22. I still have my Mini Pops records. They were like Glee back in the day.
  23. My bubble tea drink of choice is a small peach green tea with mixed tapioca and litchi jelly.
  24. I lived in Ottawa from December 1994 to May 1995. As much as I didn't like living there. I had a lot of good times once I found people to hang out with. There's so many stories about my experience there. I mostly partied every night.
  25. I still have all the letters and candy grams that were given to me throughout high school. It's hard for me to let go of these things.


tris1978ton said...

I love Quest Crew! They were the best out of all the winners!

Cutting meat for portion control is very smart.

I also wash my hair every 3 days - saves money that way.

What a fun post. Was nice reading about you.

Steph I said...

We should schedule a play date for Oscar Aryan and Timothy Johnathan.
This was a great post! Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

I read the Mini-Pop line and nearly died... I still have my record from back when I was too young to know how I even got it. And I too can't get rid of my candy-o-grams!

Marianne said...

I found my way on to your blog from the Fill in the Blank Fridays and I just loved reading this post about you :)

Like you I have always loved the beach and never could swim. I finally decided to learn when I was 21 and to this day I consider it one of my biggest accomplishments because I was SO terrified of the water!
It seems like I've always been in love with boys named Ryan. It started all the way back in elementry school with my very first crush. There have been some very important Ryan's in my life...although I ended up marrying a Philip :)
My twin sister Micaela is in LOVE with Penelope Cruz - I have to agree with your husband though!

It was fun learning about you! :)