Sunday, May 2, 2010


Six hours later, I am finally coming down from my sugar high. This afternoon, Marie and I attended CupcakeCampTO. Just imagine, over 2000+ cupcakes for taste-testing. It was crazy. There were 11 groupings and in each group was four different cupcakes. We didn't arrive on time therefore we missed groups 1 and 2. Marie and I stayed for groups 3-8 and let me tell you by group 5 or 6, my hands were shaking so much from all the sugar that it was difficult for me to even pick up a cupcake to eat it. I took some pictures but sadly, I don't recall what the name of each cupcake is.  My favorites were a chocolate cupcake with a cherry on top and the key lime one. The chocolate cupcake was one of the first ones I tried so I forgot to take a picture of it. The frosting was delicious. So delicious that I had to lick all the icing on the plate that fell off. Don't worry, I didn't actually lick the plate, I used my finger to scoop it up. The key lime cupcake was perfect. Icing was the right amount of sweetness, cake nice and fluffy and I loved the bottom crust. Now I just wish I knew who made it. Take a look at the photos I took:

Tray #1 for judging

Tray #2 for judging

Tray #3 for judging

Top right is the key lime pie cupcake

See the one with the Hawaiian cupcake has spam bits on top...YUM!

The one of the left is called Half Baked like the Ben & Jerry's ice cream. It's so cute and really tasted half baked

This one is really creative. We didn't eat it because it was too pretty.

Quite an interesting event. We didn't stay for the whole thing because I started to get dizzy from all the sugar. I couldn't imagine three more rounds.  Pat & Marie, who were also there, tweeted photos of what we missed out on and the last rounds had all the pretty cupcakes. I am definitely going again next year. I just hope that the venue isn't steaming hot. It was a sauna in there!


Monica said...

Thanks for writing about CupcakeCampTO! We had a great time, despite the heat (you never know what to expect at the beginning of May!). We were so impressed with our bakers; their creativity was off the charts!
And our eaters - we hope the sugar high was worth it :)
Definitely a great afternoon, with great people!

tris1978ton said...

Oh my! Those are some fancy cakes! I wouldn't be able to leave if I were you!

Angie said...

OMG... It took everything in my being not to go. If I knew you were going, it might have made it impossible not to finally meet and eat cupcakes all at the same time.

But I am in for next year!

The Food Junkie said...

Seems like you ate more cupcakes then i did! I think i would've had more if the venue wasn't so hot. Also, I felt like there was a bit too much waiting in between groups. Hope they will address these issues next year.