Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Happiness Project: February - Remember Love

This chapter...what can I say? It stumped me. I tried and tried to read it and got nowhere. I finally figured that in order to move on, I should just give up and pick one (well, the first one I actually read) action and deal with it. So, out of the following - Quit nagging, Don't expect praise or appreciation, Fight right, No dumping and Give proofs of love - I decided to go with QUIT NAGGING.

My husband can vouch that all I ever do is nag. Not only do I nag verbally and constantly, I have discovered a new way of nagging - leaving post-it notes on the bathroom mirror. I guess this was the last straw for the hubby because he made a point to tell me that the more I nag, the more he won't do what I ask him to do. He wants to do things (chores) on his own terms. This was hard for me to accept because when I want something done, I WANT it done RIGHT away!!!

I have been able to let go and loosen up a bit. I don't think that I nag as much anymore but I could be wrong. What I learned in this chapter to help quit nagging:
  • Use one word reminder. Instead of nagging exactly what needs to be done, I'll just say it in one word but I'll say it nicely in a sweet voice. Well, maybe I'll say it in two words, Garbage please!
  • Just do the task myself. Instead of nagging and asking repeatedly, I might as well to do it myself. By spending that time nagging, whatever could have already been done.
I know this post doesn't really explain the chapter on Remembering Love. I just couldn't get into it. It does entail stuff about marriage but I think that this article is much more interesting and useful, 9 Marriage Rules You Should Break.

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Angie said...

Love this, some chapters are too hard to handle, mine is March, I can't get over the mental stump it brings along, but I think that is why you read it, you read it, take it in and do what you can... perhaps the other items in the months to follow allow for clarity where you can come back to these items and will feel lightned to do these items!

d said...

this is complete bull!
theres always one person who does more work and it's always the woman so we should get to nag the shit outta whatever we want!!!
if it gets done WITHOUT asking in the first place, nagging would not be necessary!
good for you for trying to keep light. i say screw it! lol
and that's why im SO happy and never cranky ;p

m i Q said...

Yes D you don't sound cranky, you sound BITTER! Like take it easy holy shit! He went to Vegas not a fucking brothel, get over it!

deesolsarmi said...

he couldve gone to a brothel for all i cared just as long as my lawn was fixed!

ok no more leesh