Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Memories: Beverly Hills, 90210

In the beginning - October 4, 1990

The last season - May 17, 2000

My favorite show of all-time. I was devastated to see it come to an end but at least I got closure. Back when it first started, my mom thought it would be a good idea if I watched Beverly Hills, 90210. She even sat and watched the first couple of episodes with me...and then I was hooked. I never missed an episode and as years went by from grade 8 to college, I had different sets of friends who I had to watch this addicting show with. My friend Edilka and I in college were in love with BH, 90210. There were nights when we had to get together to watch it and then talk about it during the drive to school. Were we obsessed? Hell ya! Who wouldn't be. Then after college, when the famed show was coming to an end, Steph S., Maureen and I got together at my place to witness the end of an era and watch Donna  David tie the knot.  Poor Jeff and Mike were forced to watch it too.

We all grew up watching 90210. If you didn't watch it, then I don't know what planet you grew up on. We tuned in weekly to discover what to do in relationships, watch some hunky guys and beautiful girls, to see what was in style and to relate to what was going on in their lives. It's crazy the impact this series had on my life. If and when I have a baby, I am going to spend my mat leave watching the entire series. I figure that if I start when the baby is two months, I have 10 months to watch 10 seasons and I can probably watch an episode a day during the week. Crazy huh but I think it's a great idea.

This is a hard task to do but I would like to point out some of my favorite episodes, in no particular order (it's really hard to pin-point my exact favorites as I loved every single episode aired):

U4EA - Season 2, Episode 15
Buffalo Girls - Season 6, Episode 2
One Wedding and a Funeral - Season 6, Episode 10
Graduation Day Part 1 and Part 2 - Season 7, Episodes 31 & 32
The Penultimate and Ode to Joy - Season 10, Episodes 27 & 28

If you grew up watching Beverly Hills, 90210, what are some of your favorite episodes?

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tris1978ton said...

Love 90210. Kelly was my favorite. So pretty! But the show went downhill when Brenda left.