Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Memories: Kew Beach on Victoria Day

Way back when...we would kick off the first long weekend by going to Kew Beach on the holiday Monday to play some beach volleyball, or in my case, to hang out and just people watch. We would all get to the beach really early to get a net and then just sit around and play the whole day. We would take breaks to get Popsicles, pizza, corn on the cob or even roti one year. Everyone would be at the beach, it was the place to be. Later, we would take off and all go grab something to eat to end the day. It would be Greek or Korean food. Some people would stay to watch fireworks.

After a few years, we stopped going to the beach because it wasn't warm enough. We would just wait for Canada Day weekend. This year, we all lucked out that holiday Monday was gorgeous and warm, the first in a long time.

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tris1978ton said...

Nice! Fun and you can reminisce old times. Didn't realize you had a countdown for Eclipse - LOL. I finished the book a while ago, anticipating the movie this summer.