Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Memories: New York Seltzer

When I was growing up in Whitehorse, it was always a treat for me to ride my bike down to the Riverdale Mart (store, whatever it was called) to buy some candy or a refreshing New York Seltzer. I believe blueberry or the blue bottle was my favorite. What happened to these sweet, delicious drinks? Do you remember them?


Steph I said...

You are hilarious. I love how you can pull up the most obscure memories, because I had forgotten about New York Seltzer until I read your post!

It reminded me of another drink, and I don't know if you had it in Whitehorse when you were growing up, but it was called Sarasoda. It was citrusy, refreshing, delicious...and had just under 1% alcohol content in it. They used to sell it to us kids at Becker's!

Jules said...

And Clearly Canadian.