Friday, May 7, 2010

Movie Review: The Last Song

I don't know why I insisted that I had to watch this movie. Sure, I absolutely loved the book. Sure, I cried for hours while reading the book. Sure, I thought that the movie must be good because the screenplay was written before the book. Sure, I think that I can get over the fact that Miley is in this movie. Well...

I was extremely disappointed in the movie. They changed many of the small little parts that really put the whole story together. Isn't this the case for all books that are turned into a movie? I thought it would be different since a screenplay was written for the movie before the book was even written. I don't get it.

Some other things that bugged me about the film was that I actually didn't cry at the part that made me cry buckets when I read the book. I couldn't stand Miley but then again, Ronnie, the character is the book was quite annoying too so maybe it was a good casting choice. The timeline in the movie was very different than the book. I get that you have to condense an entire story into two hours but the producers could have at least tried to come close.

I believe I really wasted my time and money watching The Last Song. I still highly suggest you read the book and only watch the movie when it comes out on TV...that Liam Hemsworth is surely some worthy eye candy.

| blarkness rating: 2 out of 5 |
(1 point for it being written by Nicholas Sparks and 1 point for Liam Hemsworth)

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stingaling said...

This review and your Blarkness Rating rationale on this are hilarious.