Monday, May 17, 2010

Week of finales

This week is going to be a busy week of TV watching. Check here to find out when your favorite show's will air its finale. Last week's season finale for The Vampire Diaries left us with a jaw-dropping ending. I don't think anyone saw that one coming. I had to watch it over and over again because I just couldn't believe how intense and exciting the episode was.

Last night's finales for Survivor 20 and Gossip Girl were on opposite ends of the scale. Survivor 20 was horrible. Once Colby got the boot, was there any reason to continue watching? Sure, to see who would be the sole survivor but with the remaining three - Parvati, Russell and Sandra - I didn't really care to find out who would take the million dollars. The winner was a big disappointment in my books. Why? Why? Why? The whole season was so good. Why did it have to end this way...Now for Gossip, just wow! That little b!tch Jenny. That messed up Chuck. That confused Serena. That conniving Georgina. All storylines were left with a big "?".

I am looking forward to watch this week the final episode for One Tree Hill, 90210, Cougar Town and Grey's Anatomy. Sunday and Monday next week will be Lost and 24.


Steph I said...

Season finale time is so much fun! Though it's sad when it's all over and I have nothing to watch until the fall.

tris1978ton said...

Can you believe the Vampire Diaries ending? That was something! But my favorite part was definitely when Damon kissed Elena, even though it was really Kathreen. But still, I melted!

lisa said...

Gossip Girl was sooo good! I can't believe what happened to Chuck. And Blair! My heart broke for her even as I admired how ferocious she was when she threatened Jenny.