Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ahhh...the memories

This isn't the best picture but I wanted to capture how Gino's boys put together this frame of photos for the funeral and then gave it to my mom. It's a great collage of all the friends and the good times they had. It's awesome that all of them have remained friends. Most of them have been friends since grade 6 and that's something that most of us don't have...friends from the very beginning.

Yesterday, I started off the day by visitng my brother with my mom. We spent an hour adding some flowers, cards and little toys, we also sat and read the cards we received at the viewing/funeral and the guestbook. I wish my dad was able to join us but he had gone earlier to visit before work.  In the evening, my mom, my husband, many of Gino's friends and some of my mom's friends gathered together at the bar my brother went to every Tuesday to play Name That Tune. It was great to sit there with people who spent a lot of time with my brother and also to hear some stories about him. I am truly blessed that his friends continue to stay in my life. I always get this connection to my brother whenever I am with them. I thought that when Gino passed away, they would only be around the first couple of months but two years later, they still email and call, and also invite me to the parties they have.

Gino had a great group of friends. I hope he knew that they all cared about him and miss him as much as I do.