Saturday, June 5, 2010


Here are little tidbits about my friends and what I like about them:
  • She is no way tech-savvy, she still loves to talk on a land line
  • She quit a well-paying job to start her own business and spend more time with her kids
  • She still buys and collects CDs
  • Even when she is in a relationship, she always makes time for her friends
  • She will send a text message or an email to say hi and see how I am doing
  • Her house is always well decorated according to the current season
  • She makes awesome potato salad
  • She treats her Cabbage Patch Kid like it's her child
  • Even though she was terrified, she made some life-alternating changes so she could be happy again
  • She always looks out for her younger siblings. She is truly the definition of a big sister
  • He trusts me and is comfortable enough with me to show his true feelings
  • He feels no ways in telling me when my outfit is ugly. Even though it hurts my feelings, he says he does this because I am a pretty girl and I shouldn't dress in ugly outfits

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Steph I said...

Love this post! I love how you find something special and unique (no matter how kooky!) in each of your friends.