Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm back...

Yup, back from Cayo Levantado and I am all relaxed except for the fact that I am back at work. Yesterday was spent doing laundry so until I actually feel like sitting on my laptop, here's a little post on randomness.  I will get it together soon and post pictures and a review from my trip but if you are anxious to see some photos, check out my husband's blog.
  • I discovered that hanging out in a pool all day ruins your nail polish. My pedicure disappeared after only three days.
  • My hair is awesome when I go away. It's so smooth and shiny.
  • I am now known as "yaya" to the little boy - I think the translation of "yaya" is nanny or caregiver.
  • My mom booked our short getaway in Niagara Falls over the Canada long weekend. We will be eating at Brasa. Bring on the meat sweats!!!
  • I am obsessed with Fruit Ninja and Tap Resort app for the iPhone.
  • I bought a pair of Ipanema flip flops, they are very comfy.
  • I have 125 posts to read on my google reader and that's even with me reading some on my vacation.
  • Mike and I were blessed to have no one sitting beside us on the way home. We got to stretch out our legs and also have the little boy sit with us.
  • Shots by LMFAO is totally played out. It's the only song besides Baby by Justin Bieber that will keep the little boy from throwing a tantrum.
  • The movie, When in Rome, sucks...
Stay tuned for some pics's time for me to go home and finish up laundry.


tris1978ton said...

This was fun to read. What a good time! Yes, looking forward to some pics.

Angie said...

ohhh glad you are back and seemed to have a good vacay, I just saw this post; haven't checked my google reader in over a week.